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Welcome to the Fairfield Church of Christ. Thank you for visiting our web site today and we hope you enjoy your time with us. We would like to take this opportunity to tell you about some of the activities and ministries of this church.

Worship Services

9:00 am & 6:00 pm Sunday
10:15 am Sunday School
7:00 pm Wednesday Devotional & Classes

Youth Ministry

Under the direction of Chris Wright, our youth group has two devotionals a month on Sunday evenings after our worship time. Many fun activities are scheduled such as attending plays and performances, etc. We provide a puppet show once a month during the Sunday evening worship for our younger members, and there is a class for 3rd grade through 5th grade once a month as well.


Rodney Rochelle heads up this age group of 35 – 50 year olds.  They have classes on Sunday and Wednesday and have monthly trips & activities.


A group from Fairfield make an annual trip to Honduras to assist with home construction and water purification systems.  They also participate in gospel meetings and vacation Bible schools.


We provide for people when they have financial hardships either through the church treasury or through special contributions. We participate in the Community Christmas Dinner which is held at the Hickman County Middle School. We provide presents for needy children through the county Family Resource Center. We are involved with the Tennessee Children’s Home Coins for Children campaign. We actively support Women Are Safe by providing printing services, as well as providing supplies for their clients. We provide singers for funerals when requested. Fairfield has a long tradition of quilters who provide hand-made quilts for babies and newly married couples, as well as those who have lost their homes to fire or natural disaster.

Building Activities

We host the Red Cross Bloodmobile every other month. Our fellowship room is used by many families for reunions and birthday or anniversary parties. We have teas and showers for members of our church getting married or having babies. Of course, many weddings and receptions take place here as well.


We try very hard to provide uplifting and meaningful experiences for all ages through the activities of this church. If you would like to stay up to date with activities here, please call our office at 729-5142 ext. 12 and sign up to receive our weekly bulletin by email. Also, please call Family Line at 729-9846 for a daily devotional message and announcements of importance to our church. You may also visit our Facebook page: Fairfield Church of Christ – Field Family! It is updated multiple times each day and there’s an encouraging Bible message each day!

History of the Fairfield Church of Christ

Looking back at the 70 years that the Fairfield Church of Christ has been an influence in this community, we are reminded of the work of so many people. The one man that possibly contributed the most was Comer Plunkett. It was he who had the original idea of having a tent meeting at the junction of Hwy. 48 and 100.

Bro. Plunkett called a meeting at the Nunnelly church in early 1947 which was attended by representatives from 14 congregations throughout the county. The decision reached at this meeting was to have a gospel meeting beginning the 1st Sunday in June 1947 and continuing for 13 days. Bro. Willard Collins was to preach and Tommie Nicks was to lead the singing. As a result of this meeting four people were baptized.

The group of congregations decided to have another tent meeting in 1948. Bro. Paul Hutton would preach and Edward Gossett and W.B. Bradley would lead the singing. This meeting led to 20 baptisms. So much enthusiasm was generated from this meeting that immediate plans were made to construct a church building for the Fairfield community.

A tract of land was secured from Mr. M.B. Nickell and Bro. Dennis Hassell began to clear the land. Many other men became directly involved with the construction of the building. The ones we have record of are: E.R. Minick, O.J. Hudgins, Calvin Lynn, Tommie Cash, Jodie McCaleb, Arthur Nash, Dawse Hutchinson, Oscar Hudgins, Curtis Canady, A.E. McCoy, Claudie Canady, Loyal Gossett, Clayton Gossett, Cave Moss, R.T. Starbuck, and Bud Sullivan. Once the building was completed there remained a debt of $1990.98 for which the members signed a note with the 1st National Bank.

The dedication service in the new building was conducted on the 2nd Sunday of February 1949. Bob Yeager preached the first sermon in the new building. When regular worship began the next Sunday, there were 43 people present and considered themselves members of this congregation. The first contribution was $28.43.

The first elders of this church were: Clyde Beard, O.J. Hudgins, Everett McCoy, and Cave Moss. The deacons were: J.C. Basford, Loyal Gossett, and Elgie McCoy. Comer Plunkett served as Secretary-treasurer before going back to his home congregation of Nunnelly in 1959.

As the Fairfield Church became established in the community it soon became evident that the first building would not be sufficient to handle our growth. In 1959, plans for expansion of the original building were discussed. In 1960, the decision was made to acquire the present site and erect a larger building. The first service in the building in which we now worship was conducted on May 21, 1961. Russell Artiest preached the first sermon in the new building and Carl Cochran led the first song. In addition to the land purchased from M.B. Nickell, John and Mildred Burke donated the portion of land where the parking lot is now, which resulted in Cedar Street being moved to its present location. Previously, this street connected with Hwy. 100 approximately where the Fairfield sign is now.

In 1962, plans were made to build a minister's home next door to the church building. In 1998, the home adjacent to the minister’s home was purchased for future expansion.  In 2013, the house next to the church property on Fairfield Drive was also purchased for future expansion.

Due to continuous growth of the congregation it was decided in 1987 that Fairfield needed more classrooms with better access, and plans were made to build a new educational wing. This addition was finished in 1988 and provided new offices, a library, additional restroom facilities, as well as new classrooms.

Although it continues to be a work in progress, the building itself has seen several aesthetic and structural improvements in recent years including updates to the front porch, auditorium, fellowship room and classrooms. There are several murals and decorative painted areas throughout the building featuring the new completion of a custom painted classroom honoring the memory of Jenny Chandler.

In late 2009, construction of a fellowship hall was completed. The usefulness of the building was almost immediate as the flood of 2010 brought people seeking shelter, food and water.  The American Red Cross used the building as a command center for dealing with the disaster.

During the early days there was no full-time pulpit minister. Many different men served in this capacity. Since 1953 we have had a minister in the employ of our church. They are as follows: 1953 - Bill Smotherman, 1954-55 - Glen Mayfield, 1956 - Carmack Skelton, 1956-58 - Brother Hagwood, 1959-61 - Charles Collins, 1962-64 - Edd Lancaster, 1965 - Harry Owen, 1965-67 - Glen Mayfield, 1967-68 - Danny Buie, 1968-70 - Don Hughes, 1970-92 - Bert Mathis, 1992-97 - Stan Smith, 1997-2005 - Mike Kelley, 2005-2014 - Devin Pickard, 2015-2017 - Taylor Bell. Our current minister is Mike Kelley, who started August, 2017. 

Currently our elders are: Wayne Prince, Lafayette Spears, & Gary Wright. The deacons are: Gary Bailey, Mike Breece, Clay Chandler, Darin Cochran, Ken Copley, Steve Craft, Randal Halbrooks, Shanon Irwin, O.D. Pratt, Jeff Stacks, Lloyd Rochelle, & Vance Willis.

The Fairfield Church has become known as a loving, caring group of Christians who are forgiving, not judgmental.  We believe as Jesus said, the greatest commandment is to love God and the second greatest is to love our fellow man!