Author: Mike Kelley
Title: Mike's Minute

New Members. This past Sunday, Ronnie and Donna Pittman placed membership with us. The Pittman’s were long-time members of the Defeated Creek congregation. This is a faithful and active Christian couple. They have already been a tremendous blessing to us at Fairfield. We are so glad they have joined us! Be sure to meet them, if you haven’t already... and give them a warm welcome to our church family.

Call Family Line Daily. One of my new responsibilities as your full-time minister is updating Family Line daily. Family Line provides callers with a Scripture for the day, a brief devotional thought, and an update concerning Fairfield family news. We will remind you of members who are in the hospital, in a nursing home, or sick at home... so that you can remember them with visits, calls, cards, and prayers. The number to call is always on the front page of the Provider. We are so grateful to Jerrie Wayne Barber for volunteering to handle Family Line for the past several years! He is such a great friend to me and, as the Apostle Paul said of Mark, “he is useful to me for the ministry.”

Have You Hugged A Teacher Today? Last Friday, I concluded a 20-year career in education. Being an educational “insider” for that length of time, I can tell you something about our local teachers: they are wonderful, dedicated people! I will miss having these talented, generous, selfless men and women as teammates. Teaching has always been challenging, but never more than now. Every day, our local teachers rise to the occasion and give their all to the children of our community. They strive to teach their students not only how to make a living someday but also how to live each day. The old saying is absolutely true: “If you can read this, thank a teacher.” Make it a point to find a current or former teacher and thank them for their service.