Date: 11/6/2020
Author: Mike Kelley
Title: Mike's Minute

And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.
-1 Corinthians 13:13

Which virtuous behaviors on earth will still be required in heaven?

Courage? No. There will be nothing to fear in heaven.

Hope? No. We will have all that we desire. Hope will have become reality.

Faith? No. Faith will have become sight. We will be in the presence of the Source of our faith. All of those things for which we have believed will have their fulfillment in Him.

Acts of charity toward those in need? No. There will be no hunger, thirst, nakedness, or homelessness in heaven. All needs will be supplied.

Sympathy? No. There will be no more tears and no more pain.

Love? Yes! There will still be room for the exercise of courtesy, the kind greeting, the simple manners that offend no one but ease the way of all.

Love is a dress rehearsal for heaven! Love God. Love your neighbor. Love your family. Love your brothers and sisters in Christ. Love your country. Love those in other nations. Love the lost. Love your enemies.

The world would be so much better if the love of power could be replaced by the power of love. Letís make it happen! Letís begin now!