Author: Mike Kelley
Title: Mike's Minute

Here We Grow. We are so excited to tell you that Anna Green was baptized into Christ at Fairfield recently. Anna is the daughter of Jack and Angie Green. She is a wonderful young lady who has been an active part of our youth group for quite some time. She has a quiet, sweet spirit... and is always ready to serve. If you havenít done so already, be sure to congratulate Anna on her decision to follow Christ.

Sensational Sunday. We were honored to have Bill McDonald be with us and serve as our guest speaker this past Sunday. As we expected, he brought two biblical, interesting, relevant, comforting, and challenging messages from Godís Word. Thereís just no one like Bill Mac. His schedule is extremely busy, and we appreciate him clearing out a place for us! We are better for having had him with us.

Future Leaders Graduation. Last Sunday afternoon we recognized and honored 10 graduates of the Future Leaders Class. They received rewards for their attendance and efforts... and recited memory work from the Bible that was extremely impressive! What an honor it was for Amber and me to spend time with them. We learned from them, fed off of their energy and enthusiasm, and absolutely enjoyed every minute of it. We hope to make Future Teachers an annual event... so, weíll see you next year!

Halloweenie Roast. The annual Halloweenie Roast might have been the best ever! One person summed the evening up this way, ďI loved everything about it.Ē It was so much fun! I donít know the exact number of visitors we had, but I do know that we cooked well over 150 hotdogs (thank you Marvin Truett and Don Beard!) and gave every one of them away. A special thanks to everyone who helped, attended, and invited others. It was so good, it was scary!