Author: Mike Kelley
Title: Mike's Minute

How To Have A Big Day At Church

Pentecost was a big day! How big? Well, thousands were in attendance... and, after the sermon, three thousand responded to the invitation of Christ and were baptized. What made Pentecost so great? The simple answer is the power of God. However, while God provided the blessing on this great day, the people put themselves in a position to be blessed by God. What did they do? How can we do it, too? As we think about these things, let’s apply what we learn to the big day coming to our congregation this Sunday... Easter.

Prayer made Pentecost a big day. Before Acts 2, which records the events of Pentecost, there is Acts 1. In Acts 1, we learn what the believers in Jerusalem were up to on the days leading up to Pentecost. They were praying (Acts 1:14). Prayer precedes many and most blessings of God! Would you be praying that Easter Sunday will be a great day at Fairfield? Would you be praying that much and lasting good will come from our worship, study and fellowship?

Publicity made Pentecost a great day. Acts 2:1-5 is certainly a strange passage compared to our normal experiences. The sound of rushing wind, tongues of fire, speech in many different languages. What did it all mean? What was God up to with all these pyrotechnics? God was getting people’s attention. God was saying, in effect, “Hey, Jerusalem. Watch and listen to what is about to happen because this is a BIG deal!” Would you do your part in getting the attention of those in our community and letting them know about Easter Sunday at Fairfield? Would you invite those you come in contact with this week?

Presence made Pentecost a big day. Acts 2:1, “When the day of Pentecost came, they (the believers) were all together in one place.” Would you do your best to be present and accounted for at worship this Sunday morning? There are many other places you could be, but nowhere better!

Can’t wait to see you Sunday!