Author: Mike Kelley
Title: Mike's Minute

But someone will say “You have faith; I have deeds.” Show me your faith without deeds, and I will show you my faith by my deeds.

James 2:18

Dave Branon writes the following in Our Daily Bread: Stand Strong:
“When fast food pioneer Dave Thomas died in 2002, he left behind more than just thousands of Wendy’s restaurants. He also left the legacy of a practical, hard-working man who was respected for his down-to-earth values.”
“Among the pieces of good advice that outlived the smiling entrepreneur is his view of what Christians should be doing with their lives. Thomas, who as a youngster was influenced for Christ by his grandmother, said that believers should be ‘roll-up-your-shirtsleeves’ Christians.”
“In his book, Well Done, Thomas said, ‘Roll-up-your-shirtsleeves Christians see Christianity as faith and action. They still make the time to talk with God through prayer, study Scripture with devotion, be super active in their church, and take their ministry to others to spread the Good Word.’”
That statement has more meat than a Wendy’s triple burger! Thomas knew about hard work in the restaurant business, and he knew it as vital in the spiritual world, too.”
Dave Thomas would approve of the new study we will be beginning soon in our Wednesday night auditorium Bible class. We will be studying the “Go” statements. Jesus often told his followers to “go” and do this or that. Following Jesus is active. It is an adventure. At least it should be.
We invite you to join us Wednesday nights at 7 for this new study. It will challenge us to roll up our sleeves and get to work... going where Jesus sends us and doing the work He left us to do. Hope to see you there!