Author: Mike Kelley
Title: Mike's Minute

Starting this Sunday, April 4, Fairfield will be reopening all our Bible classes. If you met with a class before the pandemic began, feel free to return to that class beginning Sunday. Wednesday night classes will also reopen.

We are very thankful to God that things have improved enough that we can take this step! We are also thankful to our elders for their wise and steady leadership during the pandemic. This situation was new to all of us and there was no playbook to follow. Our elders did an amazing job of keeping us safe and sane throughout the ordeal.

We are also thankful to each member of our church family here at the Field. These have been such trying and divisive times, but you have remained unified. You gave one another the freedom to deal with the pandemic as each individual saw fit. Those who were comfortable coming to worship services were welcomed. Those who were not comfortable were understood and supported. You folks have been absolute heroes throughout this unprecedented time... and I want you to know that your minister could not be more proud of you! What a joy to worship and work with a congregation where “every member is a minister!”

A few things to keep in mind as we reopen:

Buddy Chandler is planning to return and take over the Sunday morning auditorium class. Buddy has been cautious, as have so many others, during the pandemic... but he is comfortable enough now to return and we can’t wait to see him!
* I will head back out to the Fellowship Building and begin our Outfielders class on Sunday mornings. Remember, this class is designed for high school graduates and young adults, but those who are in “middle age” are also welcomed. We will spread out chairs in the big fellowship room so we can keep our distance from each other. This class is discussion oriented, with a heavy emphasis on life application of God’s Word.
* Rodney Rochelle will continue to teach the Wednesday night auditorium class on the subject of angels. His class, which met in the basement prior to the pandemic, is invited to stay in the auditorium. After the angel study is completed, Rodney will return with his class to the basement and I will begin teaching in the auditorium again. Rodney’s Sunday morning class will resume meeting in the basement immediately.

I think that’s it. I look forward to seeing you Easter Sunday!